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Besins Healthcare

Restructuring for growth

Besins Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company specialised in the development and worldwide sales of innovative drugs and food supplements. It was founded in 1885 in Belgium and is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand with products distributed to over 90 countries.


The current General Manager took over Besins Healthcare Russia in 2013 and turned around this stagnating business by doubling its size over the following three years.

However, she became concerned about whether she would be able to maintain such growth further based on the structure of the current organisation and the skills of the management team.


We conducted an organisational review of key functions including sales, commercial, marketing, medical, finance and HR.

This was followed by a management assessment of 30 key people in the management team as well as 19 key sales force members.

We adjusted the organisational structure based on the new strategy of expanding existing drugs into new geographies and entering into new product lines, with a particular focus on marketing, medical and commercial.


We brought in a new Marketing Director from outside the business and restructured the marketing department.

We identified a number of high potential talents within the promotion, medical and commercial departments.

Estimated top line growth for 2017 is between 25 – 27% by maintaining or improving profitability.