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Case Studies

Smith & Nephew

Supporting post-merger integration

Smith & Nephew is an international producer of advanced wound management products, arthroscopy products, trauma and clinical therapy products, and orthopaedic reconstruction products. Its products are sold in over 120 countries.


Smith & Nephew acquired the trauma and orthopaedics business of their distribution partner. As part of this transaction, the company took control of a new production facility.

Smith & Nephew needed to integrate this facility into its global organisation in order to enable new technology transfers, improve quality and increase output.


We assessed capabilities of the local team, conducting an assessment of key managers and a complete organisational analysis.

This was followed by an executive search for Head of Engineering, Head of Quality and a Financial Director.

We proposed separating the Technological group from the Production department and as a result two sections were established: current product technologies and new product technologies transfer.


Smith & Nephew successfully integrated the facility into its global organisation, kept key technical personnel and increased the quality of its products.

We brought in a Head of Engineering and a Financial Director from outside the industry and adjusted two departmental structures.

The new Head of Engineering was subsequently appointed as the new General Manager in 2018.