Building success through people

Case Studies


Shaping international expansion

WESTFA sells liquefied gas directly to households and businesses in Germany, Netherlands and Luxembourg. It was founded in 1846 in Hagen and is family owned.


A challenging growth mandate from shareholders for a newly appointed Chief Executive in 2012 to transform the business from a regional to major national player with international ambitions.


In 2013/14 we conducted an organisational review of key functions and developed a new organisational platform built for growth.

This was accompanied by assessment of management teams across the country in order to populate the newly created organisational structure.

To complete the set-up we conducted targeted executive search projects to attract and secure high calibre leaders.


Regional to national to international growth.

2012: Near the bottom of the top 10 competitors, 130 employees.

2017: Among top 3 in Germany, 260 employees.

Projected: #1/2 player in the German market with 350 employees in 2019.

Volume (and revenue) grown by four times.

Improved profit from low single digits to high single digits.